Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am back!!! Some unexpected travel came up and we were off to east coast for a week, came back just a day ago. I did not get enough time to update my status, I thought that I would do that once I get internet access but unfortunately the wireless at our relative's place where we stayed was not working and there I was missing blogging and blog hopping pretty badly. I tried to catch up with the blogs update on google reader through my husband's IPhone but somehow was unable to post anything on my blog.

Well, it was a tiring week and we covered many cities in a very short span of time. We flew to Detroit, MI on Aug 22nd and after spending 2 days there went to buffalo, NY by road (4 hrs drive), briefly stopped at a friend's place in Akron, Ohio (3 hrs drive) on the way. We stayed in buffalo overnight, left for Grove city next day to meet some more friends (3 hrs drive) and finally to Erie, PA (1 1/2 hr drive) where we stayed at a close friend's place and started back for Detroit very next day (4 hrs drive).

We got opportunity to meet some old friends of my husband and enjoyed their warm welcome. "A" was overwhelmed with change of places and faces. Everytime we entered someone's home she started crying and took some time to settle down.

I will resume blogging from tomorrow inshallah. Stay tuned, till then take good care of yourselves and keep visiting.


  1. Welcome back..hope to see u rocking again

  2. Welcome .... Good to see you back blogging :)


A very warm welcome, Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts here. Do visit again...

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