Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today we are celebrating Eid-ul-fitr in UK and most parts of world.  Eid marks the end of holy month of Ramadan. Though the celebrations for Eid start way too early with the start of Ramadan but it takes full swing near end and Chaand raat (the night before Eid) festive mood can be seen with girls putting on Henna on their hands,preparations for the Eid delicacies like sheer khurma, last minute shopping etc. The day of eid starts with special eid prayers, and it is a "sunnah" (the way our Holy prophet P.B.U.H used to do it) to consume dates before going for prayers.  

Eid is also called by many as MEETHI EID (SWEET EID) as it is associated with consumption of sweets. Muslims of different parts of world have their own traditions and customs as far as cooking is concerned. In Pakistan, Sewiyan (Vermicelli) and Sheer khurma are those sweet dishes which are associated with Eid and are being served to guests.

I also prepared this yum delicacy at home. It is quite easy to make, takes no time to prepare.


VERMICELLI                    150 GM
CLOVES                          2-4
SUGAR                            HALF CUP
WATER                           3/4TH CUP


1. Take out vermicelli in a plate and break the large strands into smaller ones.          

2. Now take a pan/pot, add ghee, add green cardamom and cloves.

3. Fry for a minute, add vermicelli, keep stirring, fry till it turns golden, take care flame is not too high otherwise vermicelli get burnt.

4. When it is fried, add warmwater and sugar, keep stirring, till it gets dried.

5. Sprinkle raisins or any nut of your choice, mix everything and serve. 


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